The Abandoned Toy Factory: Uncover the Truth with Poppy Playtime

Take on the vengeful toys in Poppy Playtime, a horror/puzzle adventure game. Use your GrabPack to hack electrical circuits or nab anything from afar as you explore the mysterious abandoned Playtime Co. toy factory. Uncover the hidden secrets of what happened to everyone inside the factory, and stay alive!

The History of Playtime Co.

Playtime Co. was once a giant of the toy manufacturing industry, but suddenly everyone inside the factory vanished one day. Now, years later, the factory still stands, an abandoned legacy of what happened. Only those brave enough to face the toys left behind can uncover the truth.


In Poppy Playtime, players must stay alive by exploring the abandoned factory and avoiding the vengeful toys. Your GrabPack allows you to hack electrical circuits or grab anything you need from afar, giving you the tools you need to survive and uncover the truth.


Poppy Playtime offers a unique horror/puzzle experience, combining suspense and exploration to bring the mysterious history of Poppy Playtime Co. to life. Whether you succeed in uncovering the truth or die trying, you won’t forget your time in the abandoned toy factory.

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